Trends and Mends: Bedroom

If we’ve learnt anything from ancient Chinese philosophy, it’s that a cramped, messy or poorly arranged bedroom reflects negatively on the inner psyche and well-being.

Nordic decorating has been the rising trend for a while now. Icy and cool colour schemes are used against light greys and browns to create a certain Scandinavian feel. Shag rugs make the jump from the floor to the wall; if styles had seasons, this would definitely be winter.

Be Consistent

The aim is consistency. Stick to relative colours and only deviate on a few items so that these items are accentuated as much as possible. In addition, rising popularity sees the conceptualisation of Asian floral patterns with pinks, whites and reds as becoming the bold complimentary colours in a Scandi/Japanese setting. Heading into the cooler months, fawn and cork colours are due to make their way back as well.


As you navigate you’re way in and out of your bedroom, think “necessity”. What do you need and what is just taking up space? Does the guest bedroom really need a TV? With escapism holding more and more consideration in design, after a full day tucked away in our smart phones, a modern study desk facing a window could be all the escape one needs.

A suitable bedhead seems pretty basic, but works at creating a focus and anchoring point for the bed, as well as serving a comfortable purpose beyond aesthetic. By suitable, I just mean a sense of continuity between the bed and the surrounding room. If you don’t like the idea of a bedhead, try hanging an art piece at the head of the bed. You might not be able to lean on it but it will still work wonders for centering a room.

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