Street Appeal

We are told as kids that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but when selling a home is this completely true?

Home sellers get so caught up trying to portray a comfortable living space inside those four walls, that often the exterior gets forgotten.

Improving the street appeal of your home is a sure fire way to increase the return on your property and speed up the sale process. You want the outside of your home to act as a gateway to your kingdom, not an obstacle.

Can You Dig It?

General fixes for the outdoors include:

  • Replace doors, trims, decking and fixtures
  • Clean EVERYTHING (you wouldn’t sell a dirty car?)
  • Clear roofs and gutters
  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Rejuvenate garden beds

It’s all about inciting feelings and creating an emotional response. Starting with the garden itself, de-clutter, remove blemishes, weed and trim wild branches.

You need to create the idea that the garden is a united part of the whole property. Not an out of control, unrelated addition to the house. Planting flowers to compliment the colour scheme of the house and not obscure it is also really important.

A fresh, healthy looking lawn is a nice addition as well. Nothing is more inviting than a lawn that looks like you could sleep on it.

Gardening isn’t for everyone, so if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, it’s highly recommended you get in contact with a landscaper. They’re relatively inexpensive and may even recommend things you would never have thought of.

Pathway to Heaven

A fence really does add framework to a property. Although a slight cliché, if you have the resources to do so, a fence defines the boundary lines and also acts as a means of dressing your home. Some properties appear somewhat naked without a fence.

A pathway from the fence to the front door is also very aesthetically pleasing. It’s not a necessity, but adds to the idea of a garden as this gateway to your home, directing the potential buyer past everything they’re supposed to see and finally to the front door.

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