Selling to the Senses in Autumn

Now that we are well and truly in the midst of 2017, here are some tips to help comfortably acclimatise your home to be as inviting and invigorating as possible.

You want to create an emotive, stimulating environment when selling your home, and using the current season you stand in as the framework is a good place to start. Every home has strong points, aspects or things that make it unique; being able to accentuate these things is very important.


Visual stimulation extends beyond just cleaning the house. Getting the right light and colours is essential when trying to create an umbrella comfort zone for different types of people. Autumn being the time when the leaves turn brown and fall off their trees, using warm, earthy colours to decorate your home will emulate this feeling. Less is more, you don’t want to clutter your house with décor and nick nacks, but certain things like art pieces, indoor plants or sculptures (anything eye catching) will help to stir up that sense of excitement that comes with unfamiliarity.


When selling your home, add colour and breakup room space by using potted plants. You can stimulate two senses at once by using scented candles in a main walkway or entertainment area, it will add to these visual feelings of autumn as well as filling your house with a pleasant aroma. Many aspects of stimulating the senses come from the amount of natural light and air you’re able to let it, because what’s better than a breath of fresh air? Spring and autumn are the best seasons for this because for the most of it, the weather is pretty neutral, there’s no extreme heat or cold requiring you to keep the house shut up.


Can you feel something without having to touch it? Can you hate something before giving it a chance? The brain is a strange thing, if you walk into a house and it’s hot and sticky, or cold and clammy, it could be Buckingham Palace, it won’t matter, you’ll just want to get out of there. The more you can rely on natural elements rather than man-made the better, depending on the orientation and location of your house, picking a suitable time when your house is acclimatised is important (e.g. holding it in the morning if you house faces east so you can get the morning sun or afternoon if your house faces west so you can get the afternoon autumn warmth).


You want to capitalise on the advantages of your property and manipulate the disadvantages. If you live close to the beach, again, opening windows so people can hear the sound of the ocean will appear inviting to most people. If you live close to a busy road or anything noisy, close the facing windows and doors, and having soft easy listening music playing in the background will draw any unwanted attention away from external noise.

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