Selling Your Home: Where And When

Every home has strong selling points.

We’re talking about that view that the visitors always bring up, that big fireplace or the ever illustrious breakfast bar.

You can think that when someone buys your house that they did so because they loved everything about it. In reality, it could just have been because of a handful of attributes that appealed to them.

Think about where you spend most of your time when you’re at home, but most importantly take into consideration what friends and family members are appealed to. Everyone’s different. Something you’ve never given the light of day could be what people love the most when they visit your home. 

What Season

Selling homes is a seasonal affair. Knowing where and when to sell could be the difference between a happy settlement and a not so happy one. Selling as spring approaches is the general idea. It is just a more fluent process when the weather is a bit warmer. You don’t have to keep the house shut up and people can come and go with ease.

With saying that, if you need to sell in winter, and you’ve got the amenities, during the open house throw the fire on. Even make an indirect path towards it. If it’s cold, a nice inviting fireplace is going to be the first positive impression visitors get.

If your homes best feature isn’t your home at all, flaunt it to the utmost degree. If you live close to the sea you’ll want the windows open and that sea breeze blowing through. It wouldn’t hurt to provide a bit of a nautical theme throughout your home, it will help buyers make the connection.

What Time

When it comes to selling your property, you should look to its finest features; and maybe to its worst ones as well. Do you live near a busy road? Try holding open days throughout the middle of the day to avoid peak traffic.

Natural sunlight and warmth also help smooth the process along. Depending on your home’s orientation will determine the best times for this. Morning if you face east, afternoon if you face west.

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