The Sale Campaign

So you have spent months and months deliberating over your house, you have had it professionally styled and now you are on the home stretch (figuratively). Even though in theory this could be the most stressful part of the whole process, providing you have followed our tips and tricks it should be the easiest.

The most important sale tool at your disposal is positivity. Allowing you have picked the right agent for you, de-cluttered and let the stylists do their thing, there’s not much more you can do at this point. If anything, the more you involve yourself at this stage, the higher chance you run of interfering.

Next thing you’ll be receiving word of people organising times to view your property or view the open displays. It can become very overwhelming, this why an agent who is concerned about your best interests as much as you are is essential. They’re the mediator and the negotiator,  it’s important that your agent is someone you trust.

Also, at its core, this is a business decision. A good agent knows the things that hold value to you, without actually holding the emotional connection, which makes negotiations a much more natural process.

Know Your Place

It would be hard to stand in the same room as a loved one while they are being operated on; selling your home is the same. You wouldn’t want to stand idly by while your beloved property lay in the surgery.

The chances are your presence won’t alter the final result anyway, but the night is darkest before the dawn. What we mean by this is, you could in the end get your dream result, but witnessing first hand the trials and tribulations could make it difficult to get there. Ignorance is bliss.


You’ve been made an offer and it’s perfect! Now what? You can’t just throw the keys at the agent and ride off.. After an offers made, solicitors and banks on both ends will collaborate to ensure that both parties are legally and financially able to facilitate the sale.

This is called the settlement period and can take anything from up to six to twelve weeks. Finally, the day has come. You renounce your key and your legal rights to the property in exchange for the balance of the agreed payment. Congratulations, you’ve sold your home!

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