Why Property Styling?

Selling your home can be a roller-coaster. There are ups, there are downs, there’s a chance the whole thing is going to make you sick.

Most importantly, you can’t get off until the ride is done. The whole process can be unpredictable. Spend as much time as possible planning in order to reduce the amount of unpleasant surprises that surface later on.

Property styling helps :

  • Allow buyers to imagine themselves within a living space
  • Create emotional responses
  • Create a better online presence, where 52% of people start their home search (staged homes photograph better)

77% of home buyers continued to visit properties they viewed online (NAR 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers). 21st century marketing completely revolves around engaging the audience; they are an active part of the process instead of just being a passive receiver.  While an empty house is a passive environment, a staged one is very active. 

Make Your Mark

The Australian property market is one of the most competitive in the world, distinguishing your property from the rest on the market is essential. Just like items on the cash register, you are trying to market to impulses than anything else. Comfort and repulsion are more reflexes than rational thoughts. They are the initial emotions that surface before the brain has time to catch up. These first impressions last forever.

Professional property styling infinitely extends beyond cleaning and making the beds. It’s creating continuity throughout your home, based on shifting trends and styles which invigorate the senses. Out of all the uncontrollable variables that occur when selling a home, this can be a profitable one you have control over. 

Feel free to look through testimonials from our delighted clients or browse through our extensive before & after gallery.

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