Know Where Your Property Stands

Much like the stock market, house prices can fluctuate depending on just about anything.

Regardless what you’re doing, it’s good to know where you and your home stand.


The average four bedroom South Coast home is pricing at just shy of a million dollars. This figure seems crazy on paper but it is the product of years and years of building trends. Imagine unknowingly under selling your home in an area that for the last few years has developed as one of the most sought after locations in Australia.

Websites like Domain or are going to be Holy Grail when it comes to most of your questions and research. Beyond establishing your online presence, these websites will be able to tell you the average buy and rental house prices for your area, the demographic, the market demand, as well as tips and tricks to help shape your property for sale.

A Friend You Can Depend On

With a dense part of the sales process done online, people selling their home could be tricked into thinking that real estate agents are a thing of the past. If anything, their role is as vital as ever. A good agent will provide support and suit to fit.

Your agent should be more than a business partner, but someone who is genuinely invested in your interests. If you don’t feel comfortable about the agent handling your settlement, find someone you do.

Essentially, all you are looking for, is to sell your house with minimum setbacks, and sell it for what it’s worth (maybe even a little bit more). This is something that a good real estate agent will stop at nothing to do.

Given the process is a little different than what it was 30 years ago, the core concepts that sell your home are still the same. You should know how to approach each stage in a modern context, and be confident in whom you are going to do it with.

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