De-cluttering Your Home

Selling your home? Are you also selling the pile of magazines in the lounge room?

Or the deflated baby pool in the back yard? While you question the mass that decorates your dominium, it’s hard not to feel a little crowded.

A Lego free foot is enough motivation to clear a walkway through your home, so understandably, cleaning and de-cluttering is one of the first steps towards preparing your property for sale.

Clutter Cutter

The problem with de-cluttering is, at times it may be very, very hard to let go of some items. It’s also hard accepting that something that holds infinite beauty to the eyes of the beholder, to the next person could be an eyesore.

So, boxes! Boxes, Boxes, Boxes! You don’t have to throw out that fertility vase you picked up on a South American holiday 15 years ago, simply box it up and put it in storage until it can be appreciated the way it was made to.

A good rule of thumb is if you have to stop and think whether something should stay or not, chances are it shouldn’t. 90% of the time, less is more. De-clutter your house to the degree that it resembles a holiday home; it’s a clear living space but without a direct connection to those before it (e.g. a cluttered shoe rack, a stack of dvds etc).

Clear Dome – Clear Home

Ways to help determine what to keep and kick:

  • Vacate the property during the sales process
  • Remove “necessities” that may not be necessary
  • Be positive that your home will sell

One of the most important tools at your disposal is a clear, positive outlook. If you plan and prepare with the state of mind that you WILL sell your property, it will reflect much better on your home than an approach where you are just hoping to sell your property.

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