Benefits of Property Styling

One of the most important benefits of property styling is that it helps a prospective buyer imagine how the home could look when he or she moves in.  

A prospective buyer forms an opinion of a property in very short time, almost immediately. This is why it is important to make a great first impressions. 

As most prospective buyers will go online to browse houses for sale, your property has to stand out from hundreds of others. It is hard conceptualising an empty or cluttered house. A well known fact is that less than 10% of people viewing a property have the imagination to see themselves living in a home.

What Is Property Styling?

Property Styling is the process of staging or dressing a property to look its absolute best for inspections and for the photos used by real estate agents for marketing. For furnished properties this is a process that often begins with decluttering, storing items, cleaning and staging.  Staging furniture and decorating is a technique used to show off the best aspects of the property and detract from the worst.

Proper Styling Will:

  • Make a property look amazing in photos –  in print and online advertising. A prospective buyer will be even more inclined to inspect the property when they are impressed by the photos .
  • Create competition amongst buyers to make better offers.  The possibilities of selling the property faster and for a higher price than the market rate also go up with attractive styling.
  • Appeal to the emotions of a prospective buyer. Styling shows what the property actually looks like with all the normal living items in place making the prospective buyer decide faster if that is the kind of property he/she is looking for.
  • Identify what needs to be fixed even if the property was not on sale, eg. faded and chipped paint.

Why You Will Sell Better With Property Styling

Selling property can be quite challenging if there is a great deal of competition on the market.  It is proven that property styling can make your property sell up to 50% faster and at up to 15% or more of the expected price.

Why Hire A Property Stylist?

A hired home stylist uses an outsider’s objective eye to see what changes are needed. It takes away the subjectivity from what needs to be done.  

The stylist starts with the basics.  We usually recommend that you declutter and semi-move out before putting your home on the market.  This means storing items that you don’t need and placing them neatly in a garage or off site. We may also recommend cleaning, tidying, and getting rid of bad smells, making the garden neat and small maintenance jobs. We will then move to making the property more appealing to the eye. This includes improving the interior décor by staging with complementary furniture and furnishings for the duration of the marketing campaign

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