Aesthetic and Cosmetic Repairs

After years of family gatherings, sleepovers, wine stains and those impromptu lounge room sporting events, your home may appear not as sprightly as it once seemed.

Simple, yet effective cosmetic repairs and changes to issues around the home can really give you a leg up when selling.

Case the Place

Take the time to view your property from every aspect. You may think you know your home, but walk across the road, walk around your yard, you might find there’s good and bad things you may have never noticed. Since your home starts outside, hire a landscaper, they’re relatively inexpensive and worth every cent.

Just because you’re making a few changes, doesn’t mean you’re going to break the bank, as long as you don’t overstep the mark. There’s a difference between a cosmetic makeover and a renovation. On a recent job of ours, we replaced weathered old carpet and tiles with cost productive floating timber floors. Now this won’t break the bank like North American Oak floorboards will, but still serves as a means of breathing new life into an old environment.

Be Cohesive

At the same time you don’t want to skip on costs, think carefully about the size of your home. Like it’s always been said, planning is the most vital stage. You can go all out and have your lounge room lined with the finest Persian fibres, but if you leave the rest of the house wrapped in carpet from the 70s, is it worth it? Cohesiveness is one of the largest selling points for a home.

Whether you hire a professional or have the hands of Da Vinci, nothing reinvigorates like a fresh coat of paint. Don’t stop on the exterior though, paint everything! Paint doors, window frames, you can even save hundreds on tearing up old/out dated tiles in the bathroom and kitchen by literally giving them a little touch up. All the while, you’re creating a sense of unity or style throughout your home.

A simple way of reinventing your kitchen, short of tearing everything up, is simply installing new cupboard and door handles. They’re easier to replace than you’re regular door handles (usually a few screws) and cost effective when buying a matching set.

When it comes to giving your home a real grooming, there’s a lot to take into account. I’m not just talking about vacuuming and mopping, it’s getting up into arches of walls and roofs and treating mildew and mould. Also getting outside and cleaning windows, even steam cleaning the carpet and curtains (or sanding the floors if you’ve got timber) is important.

Steam cleaners and floor sanders aside, put the money down and hire someone. Time is valuable; so if you’re trying to sell your home, why spend that valuable time running around with a feather duster.

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