Property Styling

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How to Increase Your Investment
Property Styling is the art of presenting a property in a way that showcases its maximum potential while appealing to the broadest buyer profile and achieving the highest possible sales price.  

Captivate Buyers

Buyers will form their first impression of your property from the online photos.  Creating an instant emotional connection to your beautifully presented property will encourage more buyers, more interest and more buyer competition.  Styling can influence buyers to experience the liveability of the space as they see and feel what is possible.

Highest Possible Sales Price

Our key objective when styling a house for sale is to increase the interest and appeal of the property.  Through styling we encourage more competition around the sales price and buyers are more likely to make a quick purchase decision because they realise other people will be captivated by the property too.

Less Time on the Market

Styling helps buyers get to the purchase decision quicker.  Homes that are presented beautifully typically spend less time on the market than homes that are not styled.  Styled properties do not go stale.

Stress Free Selling

Property Styling is a simple process and takes the stress out of selling for both you and your agent.  Our warehouse in Berry contains a huge inventory of furniture and furnishings to suit all types of homes and budgets.  Our experienced team are able to install in your property in just two days so your photos can be taken and the sales campaign can get underway.  We leave all of the furniture in the home for the duration of the sales campaign and will collect everything once it has sold.  We include everything in our service - furniture hire, delivery and collection, insurance and styling - to make it as stress free and seamless as possible for you.