Trends and Mends: Bathroom

Great ideas have to come from somewhere? South Coast Property Styling have a few tips to help create a place where the ideas flow as good as the water!

One Should Do It?

One of the smaller rooms of the home, you’d think the labour needed would be pretty limited? An easy trap would be thinking because it’s a bathroom, the only tradesman you are going to need is a plumber. In fact, depending on the structural limitations of the bathroom and the extent of the makeover, you could have many more. This is why, as always, planning is the initial and most vital stage of any endeavor.

Keeping It Professional

If it’s a complete renovation rather than just a makeover, having an architect in to plan and make sure everything is ergonomic and structurally sound will come as expensive, but what price is peace of mind? Amidst the carpenters, the electricians, painters, plumbers, tilers and water proofers; there are large margins for error. The more you do yourself, the more inclined you feel to take on; it’s a slippery slope.

Only Mend What You Can Spend

Out of all the directions you could head when styling a bathroom, neo classic, boho, black+white etc; the idea of the bathroom as a day spa is trending. Free standing baths that sit on their base, and sinks that that appear to sit on top of the vanity rather than in it are typically used.

Depending on your schedule and budget, a good rule of thumb is leaving the infrastructure for utilities such as water and electricity as they are. Bathroom renovations can cost anything from $5,000 for a basic set up, to above and beyond $25,000 for renovations’ that include structural alterations, movement of plumbing and high end products/fixtures.

There’s no correct way to decorate and arrange a bathroom, but a good start is spending roughly twice the amount of time you would planning it than time spent on the tools. It seems ridiculous, but the more time you give yourself in the planning stage, the more likely you are to flush out any problems before they occur in the renovation stage.

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