Our holiday home fit out process is very simple and takes the stress out of setting up your holiday rental property.  Our aim is to provide exceptional holiday experiences for you and your visitors as well as helping make you a good return on investment.  We want your property to stand out from the crowded holiday rental market, get great reviews and excellent occupancy so our aim is to deliver a beautifully presented property with all the comforts that discerning holiday makers expect.

For examples of our recent styling projects please visit our Portfolio page

What is the Holiday Home Process?

Step 1. Meeting.

We will come to your property to meet with you and discuss your priorities for holiday letting.  We will discover who you will be marketing to and whether it includes your own family, singles and couples only, children and families, groups or elderly. We will listen to your priorities and ascertain your optimum nightly rate.  After walking through and reviewing your property we will suggest different configurations and give you an approximate project budget.  We have extensive experience in fitting out and styling holiday accommodation properties and can tailor the project to suit all styles and budgets.

Step 2. Proposal.

Following our appointment we will prepare and email to you our Project Agreement.  This includes a Scope of Work based on our discussions, the project stages and proposed dates, our fee structure and project terms.

Step 3. Consulting, Researching & Sourcing.

On accepting our Project Agreement we will begin the process of researching and sourcing for your property.  During this part of the process we are happy to consult with you as much or as little as you like.  We understand that often our clients are time poor and trust us to take creative license to deliver a beautifully styled property.  We typically prepare mood boards and consult with you on large statement pieces and then source the final details such as soft furnishings, accessories and standard pieces without consultation.

Step 4. Installation.

Our installations normally happen over the course of a few days where every piece we have sourced for the property is moved from our warehouse to your holiday home.  Our refined system ensures that the process is seamless and that we have everything assembled offsite at our warehouse and installed in the most effective sequence possible.   White goods, beds, furniture, kitchenware, soft furnishings and accessories.

Step 5. Detailing.

Once installed we will detail your property over the final couple of days to ensure that it is ready for you or your first guests to arrive.  The beds will be made, the kitchen will be stocked and the property will be presented to the highest of standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the budget?

Working to your budget our time is spent researching, consulting, spatial planning, sourcing, communicating and ordering all of the items.   During that time we also then start receiving, organising, cross checking and assembling in our warehouse.  Whilst in our warehouse your items are fully insured and stored until we are ready to install all together.  Once everything is received we create a property inventory and then schedule our truck and installation team to deliver to your property.   Our stylists then install of all furniture and accessories, styling individual rooms and finishing the overall presentation of property for holidaymakers to enjoy.

What are your payment terms?

We accept progress payments for our Holiday Accommodation Styling service which are based on the stage of the project and the total overall budget. Our payment terms are outlined in detail in our Project Agreement.

What if I want to use my own items?

Our aim is to create a comfortable and cohesive space where guests can create lasting memories.  We are happy to work with you to integrate some of your items where possible however it does usually require more work and time to do so as they will form the basis of the look and feel of our styling.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the size of your property, your budget and your priorities we normally require around 6-8 weeks from agreement to completion.  Some furniture pieces such as sofa’s or custom artwork have a longer lead times and we also don’t account for excessive consultation in our normal timeframes.  Our schedule also doesn’t account for cosmetic updates or trades that take longer than anticipated.  We do however always try to work with your deadline and do our best to get the property up and running as soon as you would like.