Review The Reviews

If you have a bad meal at a restaurant that you haven’t been to before, what are the chances of you returning?

Isn’t this how we understand most things? Through a web of memory and experience? First impressions are everlasting in any environment; you want people to remember your holiday home for all of the good reasons.  

It can be hard at times, because nobody is perfect, and the internet can be such an unforgiving place. All it takes is one mistake for someone to leave a bad review, potentially altering the experience of those yet to visit. This is all the more reason to get ahead.

It’s much easier to maintain a high standard of accommodation from the get-go, than spending all your time trying to reconcile past mistakes and impress new guests with already low expectations.

Easier To Keep Up Than Catch Up

All you want in a holiday rental is high occupancy rates and good reviews, which can be difficult because the two are mutually exclusive. Good reviews will encourage more people to come stay, and the more people staying, in turn (depending on their stay) will generate more reviews.

The common ground the two shares is your property. The higher the appeal and livability of your home, the better the reviews will be and the more likely people will be book the property.

The troubling thing is, just like life, you could do a million things right but people will notice the one thing you did wrong. Bad reviews being like weeds, if you don’t respond accordingly, before you know it they begin to spread. What we mean by this, is the second problems arise, address them accordingly.

Don’t dismiss opinions as irrelevant, no matter how baseless they may seem. Providing there are some people out there that may leave a bad review no matter what you do, be the best host you can be. 

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