Property Management

For people who already lead busy and hectic lifestyles managing your holiday rental can seem like a full-time job in itself.

If you are short for time, outsourcing jobs and using professionals that specialise in holiday property management is almost a certainty. 

Besides from having South Coast Property Styling professionally style your home, another common investment is having someone manage your holiday home once it is established.

There are positive and negatives from relieving all responsibility to a property manager. Depending on your schedule and how far away you live, you personally can decide how much input you want to have on the property.

There’s a lot of logistics involved in holiday property management, such as online and phone bookings, meeting with guests, handing over keys and maintenance on the property in the broadest sense. Essentially, the more the property manager has a say in operations, the higher commission on bookings they will take.

Doing It Yourself

There are benefits of managing the property yourself, such as having exclusive control over the guests that get to stay. If you are given any reason to believe that a group of people aren’t suitable to make a booking, you can have the final say.

You will already have outlined the conditions of stay in your compendium, and for the most of it people tend to treat holidays rentals with more respect than a hotel room, but it’s just a little bit of peace mind if you need it.

Keeping the house clean and manicured is another thing you will have to take into consideration. Property managers will organise housekeepers to clean after every stay and landscapers to tend to the garden and lawns as they need it.

Managing the property yourself means you’re able to allow for the cost of this in the booking price, rather than paying for it through your PM’s commission. At the end of the day, bad property managers and housekeepers are just as unwanted as bad guests. 

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