Charisma For Your Holiday Home

Just like people, properties have strong points or charisma.

Also like people, it’s rare you find a “perfect” property. Perfection is a relative term anyway; it depends on the person you’re asking. Whatever you call it, and regardless how beautiful you think your home is, there’s going to be a handful of things that make your property stand out. You want all these things to be positive.

What is often misunderstood, especially in holiday accommodation, that the finest features of a property could be hidden in the service rather than the property itself? 


I know the games room is mighty impressive, and the beach across the road is breathtaking, but what’s the point in having two bathrooms if there isn’t any toilet paper?

Or having mugs with no kettle? Or two guest towels when there’s four bedrooms. When people are on holidays, practicality is the key. Once people settle in, the last thing they want to do is go out again.

A beautiful home is a beautiful home, but a beautiful home in the middle of winter with no heating, is that exactly. It’s like a cake with no icing. A hair length away from being superb, yet it feels like an eternity away. It’s the subtleties, the minor details, the little things that will resonate well with your guests.

Creating Charisma

What you can focus on is creating a welcoming entrance and some street appeal for your property. A welcoming entrance is something you can spot from the end of the street.

Vendors may be lead to focus on the interior so much that exterior of the property isn’t given the attention it deserves. Seeing that you have to be outside before you can go inside, you’d be silly to not use this opportunity to lay down some good first impressions.

This could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or creating a pathway through your front garden to help guide guests. A focal point that people can identify before even making it to the driveway will also prove beneficial. Just like fascinators at the races, all it does is make your property stand out and acts as a marker for your home. 

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