Become A Local

Whether you’ve owned the property for years or you’ve bought it exclusively to rent out, being a “local” is going to naturalise your property into its surroundings.

Knowledge of the area will reflect positively back on the property, like the home suits the habitat. Some initial advice, love thy neighbour. Notifying your neighbours with your intentions of holiday renting may ease the tension if problems arise later on down the track.

If your guests proceed to make a little bit of noise, the situation may handle better having gone out of your way and spoken about it previously to your neighbours rather than if you say nothing.

Being on holidays the chances of your guests cooking every night are pretty slim. Knowing what takeaway options and restaurants are in the area and leaving their menus in your compendium (a booklet containing the rental agreement and useful information for the area) will prove valuable.

Rent Authentic

Everyone owns a smartphone these days but you should never miss a chance to add authenticity to your property. With food sorted, local activities and entertainment should be the next on the list. Places to hire transport or local businesses that may fair beneficial to guests also should have a place.

You should notify local shop owners and operators of your intentions to include them in your compendium. This isn’t necessary, but there’s always a chance they might offer discounts to guests seeing your promoting local businesses.

Then there’s of course all of the things you can’t find out about through the yellow pages. Local parks, nature walks, tourist drives, beaches, community events and anything you would personally recommend. You know, because you’re a local.

Something very important is ensuring your property has a minimal impact on the area as it stands. Operating a holiday rental in a small coastal town that has a population of 500, you’d have to be considerate about who you rented out to.

This could mean leaving it open for families and older couples to rent rather than people intending on having parties. Things like this are relative, use your good judgement. If your closest neighbours are a kilometre in every direction, you shouldn’t have a thing to worry about.

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